For over a quarter century, Concerto has represented the best in acoustic accordions married with the finest digital electronic in one incredible instrument.

Concerto accordions are artisan accordions handmade by old world craftsmen in the heart of accordion country — Castelfidardo, Italy. The digital electronics were designed in the USA at Accordions International where all testing and the final hand fitting of each Concerto takes place. Today, like a quarter century ago, the Concerto brings you the very finest in ease of use and sound quality that is second to none.

With the Concerto you are playing two instruments simultaneously. A fine handcrafted acoustic accordion with reeds — plus the ultimate in digital orchestral and electronic sounds brings the Concerto alive like no other instrument.

Your new Concerto is available in either compact 18” or standard 19” keyboard versions. The compact features 3 and 5 sets of reeds while the standard has 4 and 5 sets. Handmade type or fully handmade artisan reeds are available as well as tone chamber or non-tone chamber plus your choice of tuning to fit your playing style and needs.

Concerto, a complete system, eliminates the many frustrations of MIDI accordions. Its ease of programing and powerful controller offers world-class sounds and digital effects directly from either the grill or the tablet. Concerto puts you in control with the power to layer eight sounds – plus, of course, a wonderful acoustic accordion with the beautiful sound of reeds. You can easily recall and memorize over 400 high quality, on board, sampled sounds, plus digital effects! The Concerto, designed by a team of musicians and engineers, is easy to use and is at home no matter the musical style or musical ability!

The Concerto represents years of research and development and brings together for the accordionist a simple to use yet serious instrument worthy of being called "the best". Using seven high-speed processors that all communicate seamlessly along with unique architecture, your Concerto virtually comes alive with fun and excitement! Speaking of speed, there's no sluggish feeling playing glissandos or fast passages as on other MIDI accordions but rather a spirited instrument begging to be played!

The Concerto makes playing simple and fun with the use of the included Android tablet displaying all your sound settings and easy to use changes. Plus, with generous use of buttons on the grill that sync to the tablet, the Concerto is easier to use than ever!

What's new for the DA-300 series are numerous features but most notably the use of industrial Bluetooth technology that allows the accordionist to be truly untethered with no wires and with faster response and more dynamic range than ever before! This plus the ability to see and make changes in real-time from either the accordion or wireless tablet making functions easier to understand, fun to use, and limitless in scope!

All Concertos feature such wonders as digital contactless sensors for both bass section & treble keyboard, meaning no mechanical switches or contacts interfere with the feel and touch of the artisan-crafted keyboard. Each DA-300 uses five onboard high-speed processors to create a dynamic "High Definition Touch" sensitive keyboard light years ahead of the competition. The Concerto DA300 exclusively offers adjustable touch curves that truly bring the digital sounds to life.

Add all this to features like Phantom, Dynamic Expression Pedal, Extended Bass & Chord Ranges including Chord Arpeggios (freeing the fixed positions of the left hand), and you will soon discover why there is no competition!

The DA-300 features Eight Musical Sections: Four sounds can be layered on the left hand (Bass 1 and 2 plus Chord 1 and 2), and another four on the right hand (Solo 1 and 2 plus Orchestra 1 and 2). The Concerto, with eight layers of sounds, offers richness in sound beyond the competition.

One must play the new Concerto to experience and hear why the response and feel are far more advanced than any competitor. Plus, with the digital expression pedal sending thousands of messages a minute to the sound engine together with advanced High Definition Touch sensitivity, your sounds literally come alive with excitement and realism!

Battery Life – 18 hours from a full charge! The Concerto uses the latest in lithium-ion technology. This means a small lightweight battery easily accessed in the chest pad of the Concerto can power your Concerto for up to 18 hour before needing to be recharged. Each Concerto comes with a second battery allowing you to play endlessly, just in case you are worried that you need to break any Guinness World Records!

The bellows of your Concerto are made of the finest materials and feature full stainless steel corners for a lifetime without corrosion. On the GOLD models these fittings are further protected and enhanced with gold platting.

Sealed inside every Concerto is a transducer bellows sensor providing accurate bellow expression control of any or all digital sounds – simply press the button labeled BELLOW on the front panel of your Concerto and your Concerto instantly converts the expression of the reeds to a digital expression message in place of the expression pedal for any or all of the 8 Concerto sections.

Example: assign a Sax on Solo 1 to the Bellows and leave the rest of the voices assigned with the expression pedal. Then the Sax will soar as a solo with the accordion reeds as the other sections remain with the expression pedal.

Another new feature with the DA300 is an active orchestrator. You can now with one touch bring sections in or out making live performance easier and more fun than ever.

Example, Orchestra 1 is ON with Jazz Guitar and Orchestra 2 is OFF with Vibraphone. Simply touching the Orchestra 1 & 2 orchestrator buttons will switch Orchestra 1 OFF and Orchestra 2 ON and you can carry on a conversation between the Jazz Guitar and the Vibes with one simple setting.

And if Solo 1 is Flute and Solo 2 is Clarinet. Then you could have the Flute with the Jazz Guitar and the Clarinet with the Vibes for even more variety – all without any additional programming – simply by using the Orchestrator – it’s easy!

The Tablet – you will find three modes to the tablet – a programming screen, a performance/play screen and a register screen where you can select song banks and registers by the custom names you have given them. Say goodbye to scratching your head and wondering where you saved a register – it is now easier than ever! Plus it is easy to go back and forth between the three screens. From the Performance screen you can do everything you can do from the grill including touching sections to bring them ON or OFF (just like the Orchestrator).

The Concerto features 8 Factory Registers (each a professional registration of sounds & settings for both hands). These Factory Registers allow you to proudly play your Concerto from the very first moment you put it on (no need to learn about setting up sounds). The tone buttons, logically laid out in musical families such as Pianos, Organs, Guitars, etc. can easily be assigned to any of the eight musical sections making the CONCERTO versatile, yet simple.

The Concerto allows you to select and memorize all functions (volume, reverb, octave, repeat, pedals, bellows, and other settings) creating your own custom registrations. You can even name each custom register so they are easy to find from the tablet’s Register screen.

Your Concerto not only has 128 onboard personal registers but the endless ability of saving register sets to the tablet. And it doesn't end there – it is easy to save and recall them to the cloud allowing you to share your work with other Concerto owners. Imagine having the power to create special sounds for the Holidays, for ethnic variations, and to be able to be able to save and recall them for a specific job or season. The Concerto is truly light years ahead of the competition.

Concerto accordions are available in several platforms – from a reduced size to full size. The specs listed below are for the 4/5 full size 19” or the 3/5 (smaller 18”) version. Other variants are also available!

  • 41 key 120 bass
  • 19" (or 18”) professional walnut keyboard
  • 4/5 (or 3/5 for a lighter version) sets of handmade reeds (custom hand made and tone chamber available)
  • Treble switches – 11(7) plus master palm switch
  • Bass switches – 7 (5)
  • Several tunings available including classical & musette.
  • Lifetime Plexiglas keys and buttons
  • Rhinestone artwork available
  • Many custom finishes and colors are available from Black to even Stained Wood – we can accommodate many unique custom appearance options! Let us design and build your dream accordion!
  • Case and straps included

  • General MIDI and GS compatible
  • Stereo Right and Left (mono) outputs
  • MIDI In Out & Thru jacks
  • Stereo Headphone Jack
  • Master Volume Knob
  • Expression Pedal Connection
  • Transmits on 8 simultaneous MIDI Channels
  • Over 400 high quality sampled sounds on board
  • TRUE Touch Sensitive Keyboard (on/off)
  • Real-time bellow expression (on/off)
  • New compact long through real-time expression pedal
  • 4 effect footswitch - Phantom, A-Sustain, B-Sostenuto, and C-Damper - A, B, C are totally programmable for each user register
  • 128 Global User Registers (16 songs X 8 register each) with endless backup
  • Name your registers and song sets to easily manage your settings
  • Registers & song sets easily saved to your tablet and also to the cloud to share with fellow Concerto players
  • Register sequence advance & decrement (expression pedal butterfly switches)
  • Phantom - effect of a secondary "Phantom" treble keyboard – easily set from the tablet.
  • Available chin switches for phantom and register advance and decrement.
  • Arpeggio! 3 inversion patterns to use in real time - Freeing the traditional fixed chords
  • Manual Drums - dynamic Drum kit playable on keyboard
  • 4 Splits - Various solo and layered effects
  • Chord Range - Selects left hand chord inversion
  • Bass Range - Selects the lowest sounding Bass note
  • Orchestrator – easily bring turn on and off sections of your Concerto directly from the grill or from your tablet.
  • Digital Reverb adjustable for each section
  • Digital Chorus adjustable for each section
  • Digital Panning – Pan all sections in stereo
  • Digital Repeat – allowing any section to be repeated (marimba type effect) at a selectable speed.
  • Volume balance settings – each section instantly controllable 128 steps
  • Velocity Scaling for each section – 128 steps
  • Over 400 easy to access sounds – from the tablet simply type the name and select
  • Octave Transposition + or – 3 octaves for each section
  • Transpose (real-time) up or down 9 half tones
  • Master Tune - master reverb - master chorus settings!
  • Constant Bass (on/off)
  • C-HOLD Left Hand Freeze allows register to change right hand sounds while HOLDING left hand sounds
  • Optional control pedal (assignable i.e., modulation, portamento etc.)
  • World wide automatic switching power supply (AC 50-60Hz, 90-240 volt)
  • Android Tablet with power supply including custom Concerto embossed cover
  • UL, CSA and GS Approvals

Let us make one for you! Buying your Concerto is a special experience in life. Your Concerto is not like most other articles you purchase. Clothing, cars, televisions, furniture; most are mass produced. In many cases no human hands touch these products during their entire creation.

Your new Concerto is assembled entirely by the hands of loving craftsmen who know their trade. Each Concerto is an individual, finely tuned and honed to be a perfect piece of art. You choose the type of tuning, the colors, the artwork, the type of reeds and your Concerto becomes your accordion, a one of a kind — its own persona!

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