Colombo Accordions!

Colombo accordions helped inspire the rebirth of San Francisco

Like a white dove of peace, Colombo accordions rose out of the ashes and rubble of the San Francisco 1906 earthquake and fire. After such devastation it was the genius of a few Italian immigrants who began making accordions for those who had lost everything in the great earthquake. From those humble immigrants’ hands came America’s oldest and proudest name in accordions – COLOMBO.

Colombo – a tradition of their rich and powerful sound.

Colombo accordions, before the era of loudspeakers, became famous on vaudeville stages and at outdoor parties and celebrations because their rich sound carries and could be heard. This tradition of a vibrant and rich powerful sound continues today in both the Colombo Piano & Norteño accordions! Now made in Italy, by Italian artisans, the tradition of quality and rich sound continues.

A tradition of inspiration – to empower the accordionist!

The ambitions have not changed! Colombo accordions today, as in 1907, are made with the same artisan craftsmanship and goals: Produce a rich and powerful sounding instrument. Empower the accordionist to perform at his or her best. Produce a beautiful and easy to play instrument that begs to be played.

An investment in quality!

Giving detail to quality, sound, and feel - at a price within reach – this is a COLOMBO. We invite you to play and experience for yourself why Colombo Italian-artisan-made accordions are the best accordions with unsurpassed value, making a truly sound-investment in quality.

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