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 Accordion Music     November 30, 2020  
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Accordion Music

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CsardasMonti Csardas
Composed by Vittorio Monti

Arranged for Accordion Solo by Galla-Rini

USD $5.95

DanzaDiFantasmi Danza Di Fantasmi
Composed by Felice Fugazza

USD $5.95

DanzaDiGnomi Danza Di Gnomi
Composed by Felice Fugazza

USD $5.95

DeluxeAccordionMethod Deluxe Accordion Method
Based on 50 years of teaching and performing on the accordion, Mr. Zucco has provided us with a complete and thorough accordion method for children.  In this single volume, three levels of clear, easy-to-understand instruction teach music reading and playing from the very beginning, supplemented by original solos and arrangements. Students learn to play by feel and touch rather than depending on sight.  Helpful illustrations and photographs are also provided. This method mentions the 120-bass accordion, but focuses on the 12-bass instrument.  One of the finest accordion methods available.

USD $12.95

DisneyMovieFavorites Disney Movie Favorites

USD $9.95

DisneySongsForAccordion Disney Songs for Accordion

USD $9.95

DivineHymnsForAccordion Divine Hymns for Accordion

USD $14.95

EasyAccordionSolos Easy Accordion Solos
This collection presents 39 lively French and American tunes for piano accordion, with companion CD providing backup only for 27 of the songs. Recommended for the intermediate player. Because this book is a reprint of a French edition, the Solfege system is used for indicating left hand buttons (Do, Re, Mi instead of C, D, E, etc.), but chord symbols are also given in the standard letter-name format. Other musical markings are also in French. Lyrics are not included.

USD $19.95

easypeasytunes Easy Peasy Tunes
On taking up a musical instrument, it is only natural for the beginner to want to reap some rewards as quickly as possible. After all, music is for the enjoyment of the player, as well as the listener. Dave Mallinson has compiled this book to give beginners and novices an accessible source of easy tunes. These easy, but interesting, tunes will give enormous pleasure to both player and listener.

Only 14 notes are required to play all 101 tunes. Ideal for absolute beginners.

USD $13.45

English Dance Music Peeping Tom Tunebook

Anyone who performs in a dance band, or just plays for enjoyment, can spend hours looking for tunes which are fun, catchy or different.

This book has been produced in response to the great demand from people who have come to our ceilidhs or bought our recordings and asked if the tunes are available in written form.

The majority of tunes in this book were composed to be danced to. Their phrasing and composition is intended to give that extra bit of lift which makes all the difference to the dancers. We've also included a few which stand in their own right as tunes.

USD $11.95

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