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 Accordion AccessoriesMic-7 Accordion Stereo Amplification System     November 26, 2020  
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Mic-7 Accordion Stereo Amplification System

Mic-7 Accordion Stereo Amplification System

Mic-7  - THE Accordion Pickup!


Mic-7 has been consistently judged the most natural and rich sounding accordion pick-up and has been the choice of many professional accordionists including the late Art Van Damme!


Mic-7 is the Ultimate Stereo accordion amplification system for the ultimate in full-bodied natural sound. This system is for the purist who loves the natural acoustic sound of his accordion.  

The Mic-7 features a total of 7 (4 Treble + 3 Bass) high-quality electric condenser microphones for a smooth, even performance through the entire range of frequencies. Plus two separate high-quality audio pre-amps, assuring the ultimate in natural sound and allowing you, the performer, to have the maximum control over the left hand versus the right hand.  The separate amps allow you to apply digital effects separately to either the right or left hands.  For example, a very professional effect would be to add digital reverb to the right-hand voices of the accordion while keeping the left hand clean and dry.

The kit is sold completely built up on a board so that it is very easy to install.  Mic-7 is sold with a 9-volt alkaline battery, Stereo Y cable, internal breakaway connectors for easy installation and service, and comes fully assembled and functioning right out of the box.

$685.00 list - Internet special only $585.00
Available with optional professional installation and optional battery box allowing easy access to battery without opening your accordion.

USD $585.00



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