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 Accordion MusicAnimal Anthology Land Lovers     October 30, 2020  
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Animal Anthology Land Lovers

Animal Anthology Land Lovers

"For the student and teacher seeking original and challenging music for the accordion, Valarie Morris' Animal Anthology series offers witty and finely crafted tunes designed to delight the imagination while expanding the player's skills. Highly recommended." —Sharon Walters, accordionist, teacher 

This book is a collection of 18 tunes, one for each of 18 animals that spend most or all their time on land. Facts about the animals add to the presentation and motivation to play the music. Great for children and adults alike!

The tunes help develop accordion techniques including bass skills. An excellent source of supplemental music for students of all ages. This easy book approaches the intermediate level. Follow up with the fully intermediate level book, Animal Anthology: Water Play.

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