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 Accordion MusicAll Time Klezmers     September 25, 2020  
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All Time Klezmers

All Time Klezmers
Klezmer has undergone a renaissance like no other music genre in he past decade. Is it the charm of the seemingly familiar alongside the unusual, the synthesis of well-known sounds and exotic patterns, or the simultaneously sad and cheerful mood that makes this music fascinating? Klezmer is comparatively unique in its multicultural expression.

The collection All Time Klezmers has been inspired by the beautiful Jewish dances and songs of the klezmorim. The slow Hora, the fast Sher, the delicate Nigun and the compelling Freilach: all pieces originate in the old Jewish music from Eastern Europe that was played at weddings and parties. Also audible is the influence of more recent Israeli folk music as spread by, among oters, Giora Feidman and oriental melodic patterns.

On the enclosed CD there are complete versions as well as play-along versions of all pieces, played live by genuine klezmer musicians in an authentic klezmer line-up. he musicians occasionally take the liberty of embellishing the melodies, which is perfectly n keeping with the klezmer style. In various places on he sheet music, extra track numbes are printed, so that you can easily find the corresponding passages on the CD. The recording starts just before the place indicated, to give you time to prepare. The CD is a useful tool for rehearsal at home, but the great accompaniment is also ideal for use during performances.

Since this music is largely based on improvisation, your own interpretation is important. Play unaffectedly in your own way, and thus convey the playing enjoyment that you experience to the listeners. All Time Klezmers is an enrichment of the repertoire for anyone who knows how to appreciate the beauty, the versatility and the emotion in klezmer music.

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  • After an old fairy tale
  • Adam's comfort
  • Freilach for father
  • My sorrow
  • A swindler
  • A Waltz for Nani
  • A famous Yiddish fiddler
  • After an old fairy tale
  • Naftule Brandwein
  • Harry Timmermann
  • Joy
  • There has to be freedom
  • Let's dance
  • A Freilach and a Ragtime together
  • Hora for Mordechaj Gebirtig
  • Sorrows and luck
  • A song without words
  • Freedom


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