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 Accordion Music100 Irish Tunes for Piano Accordion     November 30, 2020  
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100 Irish Tunes for Piano Accordion

100 Irish Tunes for Piano Accordion
From Apples in Winter to The Wise Maid, this collection of Irish jigs, reels, and polkas provides beginning to advanced players with a wealth of traditional Irish music for solo keyboard accordion. This collection includes a number of tunes transcribed from recordings of not only the keyboard accordion, but also the Irish button box and concertina. Herein too are many of the author's own arrangements. Some of the stellar players whose work appears here are: Jimmy Keane, Phil Cunningham, Alan Kelly, Joe Burke, Jackie Daly, Tom Doherty, Chris Sherburn, Sharon Shannon, and Tony MacMahon. With a basic guide to fingering and rhythm chord symbols included, this book will allow even the novice accordionist to join in a traditional Irish session. The enclosed CD features the author's performance of medleys including 21 of the book's 100 selections.

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Song Title: Composer/Source:
A Merry Christmas - jig  
Apples in Winter - jig  
Ballydesmond Polka  
Behind the Bush in the Garden - jig  
Boys of Blue Hill - polka  
Bundle and Go - jig  
Cooley's Reel  
Cronin's Rambles - hornpipe  
Delaney's Drummers - jig  
Fermoy Lasses - reel  
Glass of Beer - reel  
Green Forest Jig  
Hunting the Boyne - reel  
Jerry Daly's Hornpipe  
John Brennan's - reel  
Julia Delaney - reel  
Killarney Boys of Pleasure - reel  
Knocknagow - reel  
Knotted Cord - reel  
Lad O'Beirne's - reel  
Lark on the Strand - jig  
Larry Redican's - slip jig  
Leitrim Fancy - jig  
Maggie in the Woods - polka  
Maid Behind the Bar - reel  
Maid of Ardagh - polka  
Mary McMahon's - reel  
Master Crowley's - reel  
Matt the Thrasher - reel  
Maudabawn Chapel - reel  
McDermitt's - reel  
McMahon's - reel  
Merrily Kiss the Quaker - jig  
Miss Monaghan's - reel  
Murphy's - hornpipe  
Nine Points of Roguery - reel  
O'Keefe's Slide  
Out on the Ocean - jig  
Paddy Clancy's - jig  
Paddy Fahy's Reel  
Pigeon on the Gate - reel  
Pipe on the Hob - jig  
Pretty Girls of Mayo - reel  
Road to Lisdoonvarna - jig  
Sally Gardens - reel  
Sean Ryan's - jig  
Sean Ryan's Jig  
Ships are Sailing - reel  
Silver Spear - reel  
Slieve Russel - jig  
Snug in a Blanket - jig  
Spike Island Lassies - reel  
Sportin' Pat - reel  
Star of Munster - reel  
Sweet Cup of Tea - reel  
Tamlin - reel  
Tar Road to Sligo - jig  
Tatter Jack Walsh - jig  
The Bag of Spuds - reel  
The Bird's Nest - reel  
The Boys of the Lough - reel  
The Boys of the Town - jig  
The Broken Pledge - reel  
The Carraroe - jig  
The Cliffs of Mother - jig  
The Concert Reel  
The Congress Reel  
The Cow That Ate the Blanket - jig  
The Dram Shell - reel  
The Dunmore Lasses - reel  
The Earl's Chair - reel  
The Eavesdropper - jig  
The Echo - hornpipe  
The Fort of Kincora - polka  
The Galway - hornpipe  
The Galway Rambler - reel  
The Golden Keyboard - reel  
The Gravel Walk - reel  
The High Reel  
The Humours of Ballyloughlin - jig  
The Humours of Tulla - reel  
The Hunter's Purse - reel  
The Kerry Reel  
The Kinard Polka  
The Limerick Lasses - reel  
The Lonesome Jig  
The Millpond - jig  
The Mullingar Races - reel  
The Musical Priest - reel  
The Old Copper Plate - reel  
The Rakes of Kildare - jig  
The Skylark - reel  
The Steeplechase - reel  
The White Petticoat - jig  
The Wise Maid - reel  
Tom Doherty's - reel  
Trip to Athlone - jig  
Trip to Durrow - reel  
Willie Coleman's - jig  


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