Your special Rhapsody Edition Concerto tone chamber accordion is the classical elegance of deep blue and gold accessorized with 24 karat gold fittings and ivory keys and buttons to finish the look of a truly elegant look. The finish of the Rhapsody edition has a special protective clear coat coating applied over a rich and elegant cobalt blue finish. This finish is also available with gold flecks imbedded deep under the clear coat finish, for a depth of look that’s only available with this special finish.

     To further enhance the Rhapsody Edition special blue lights and displays are used making your Rhapsody Edition beautiful with or without the electricity. Who can resist the look of the elegant blue lighting combined with rich blue finish and gold fittings!

     Concerto makes playing simple and fun with its unique grill design and generous use of displays (large east to read display in front and small one on top) makes playing Concerto simple and fun. The sections for the left hand Bass, Chord 1 and Chord 2 allow the layering of 3 sounds in the left hand. The sections for the right hand Solo, Orchestra 1 and Orchestra 2 allow the layering of 3 sounds in the right hand all make your Concerto the richest and fullest sounding accordion found anywhere.

     The Concerto Tone Chamber models feature a solid aged mahogany chamber with the very finest hand made reeds and in the case of all special edition Concerto accordions the ultimate hand cut triangulated reeds are used. These special reeds give your Concerto a superior dynamic range and sonority of truly a world class concert accordion.