The Polka model uses the same accordion as the Professional Deluxe Concerto with the finest superior hand made reeds with a special musette polka tuning. We then apply traditional rhinestone artwork. The rhinestones are the finest Swarovski Crystals made in Austria and are applied individually by hand making your Concerto Polka a true piece of art with a vibrant sound and look.

The Professional model is a hand crafted accordion made with the finest aged woods and materials. The keyboard like all Concerto accordions is made from aged American walnut and has a magical fast touch and response. 
Your Professional Concerto has 4 sets of treble reeds and 5 sets of bass reeds and is available with either the highest quality hand made type reeds or available with the highest superior quality hand made reeds as the Deluxe Professional model. You may choose the type or tuning and treble reed configuration - low, two middle and a high set or low and three middle sets. To further personalize your Concerto accordion you may select from numerous colors and finishes. Throughout these pages you will see various Special Edition Concerto models but if you have a color or finish in mind just ask and let us make one for you!

Both the Polka and Professional accordions are available in tone chamber models. The Concerto Tone Chamber models feature a solid aged mahogany chamber with the very finest hand made reeds. These special reeds give your Concerto a superior dynamic range and sonority of truly a world class concert accordion.