Your new Gold Edition tone chamber accordion comes with a solid mahogany tone-chamber. A handcrafted work of art with the finest artisan made reeds and aged woods. All attractively packaged with 24K gold fittings and matching ivory keys and buttons. A true statement of elegance and refinement!

All Concertos feature such wonders as optical sensing of the treble keyboard so that no mechanical switches or contacts interfere with the feel and touch of the artisan crafted keyboard. Plus this Concerto exclusive of optical sensing provides a sensitivity to your touch bringing both the digital sounds to life as can only be experienced and hear on a Concerto accordion.

      The bellows of your Concerto are made of the finest materials and feature fully stainless steel corners for a lifetime without corrosion. On the GOLD models these fittings are further protected and enhanced with 24 karat gold platting. Sealed inside every Concerto is a transducer bellows sensor providing accurate bellow expression control of any or all digital sounds – simply press button labeled BELLOW on the front panel of your Concerto.

     Add all this to features like Phantom, Dynamic MIDI Expression Pedal, Extended Bass Range & Chord Arpeggios (freeing the fixed positions of the left hand), and you will soon discover why there is no competition!

     The Concerto Tone Chamber models feature a solid aged mahogany chamber with the very finest hand made reeds and in the case of all special edition Concerto accordions the ultimate hand cut triangulated reeds are used. These special reeds give your Concerto a superior dynamic range and sonority of truly a world class concert accordion.